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Another year older.... a little wiser & a little more experienced

A little bit wiser & a little more experienced and still incredibly energised for the future growth & development of our magical little corner of the world;

‘Where would ya get it?’ – N91 YY64

Moments of sentimentality always creep in around the first week of July – reflecting & reminiscing on the years gone by, the challenges & opportunities – the personal journey, as well as the professional one – the many sacrifices and many rewards. Most importantly, the people. Wolfhound Fitness was built with people at the heart of it – our members – past, present & future – our families, who have been by our sides since day one – our coaches – helping us achieve our goals, our mission & leading the way day in & day out, the broader fitness community – Irish CrossFit, GAA, academics & online pals – we get so much energy & fulfilment working with, talking to & sharing experiences with people from every area/expertise in the health & fitness space.


A look to the past:

I’ll always remember 23-year-old Joe harping on talking about “this thing called ‘CrossFit’” – after he had watched a YouTube video of Rich Froning taking on ‘Fran’ (21-15-9 Thrusters & Pull-ups) – I probably rolled my eyes & forgot about it fairly quickly, but not Joe, he was curious and once he gets something in his mind, you’ll do well to change it.

At the time, there were no ‘CrossFit Affiliate’ gyms in Mullingar, so he was exploring options to join gyms around the midlands that might have the coaching expertise he wanted – he was like a dog with a bone and upon reflection, without his singular focus on trying out this sport, there is no way Wolfhound Fitness would ever have come into existence. Thankfully CrossFit Mullingar soon opened its’ doors and it was here Joe got to begin both his CrossFit sporting & coaching journey.

May 2016

The grá to open Wolfhound was founded in the love for the sport of CrossFit - we have developed a passion far beyond one sport - but there is no denying the spark that set this thing off was ignited by the sport of fitness.

Fast forward a decade and we are now the proud coaches of so many hard-working & committed individuals & are currently putting the final preparations in place to travel to the US to compete among the elite in this sport at the Teen CrossFit Games.

A full-circle moment.


A look to the future:

If it bothers you enough, you have to take action

– so when I think about the future of Wolfhound Fitness, I think about some of the greatest “bothers” or issues we are facing as a society – I think of things like:

Sedentary lifestyle, poor dietary habits, lack of human connection/loneliness, drinking/drug culture and its’ effect on young people & their mental health.


These are major public health concerns & of course a multi-faceted, political approach will be required to have meaningful impact on a national level, but if we look at this on a micro/personal level perhaps we could ask ourselves – what is one thing you could do today to make this issue ‘bother’ me a little less?

9 times out of 10, training, especially in a group setting, is going to have a positive impact on all of the above.

So, when we look to the next 8 years of Wolfhound Fitness – we certainly don’t have everything laid out & precisely planned but we do know WHAT we will be doing and WHY we will be doing it.


  • We will continue to be & continue to grow as advocates for daily movement, for healthy nutrition, for community & shared experience – we will broaden our reach

  • People will always remain at the centre of all that we do, all that Wolfhound represents – social connection, mentorship, coaching, friendship – we will continue building our community

  • We will continue to support people in their journey to reach their full athletic potential – we will not sugar-coat the journey to high performance in sport – “it takes what it takes” but we will be with you every rep of the way – we will inspire a generation of ambitious, happy & socially connected athletes

  • We will show you what it means to work hard & reap the rewards for that

  • We will also always aim to make the best coffee in town, our worst kept secret

How we will do all of this is another day’s work but if I’ve learned anything over the past 8 years it’s that if you wait to have all of the answers before you start, you will never start.

We know the destination & I have no doubt we’ll have plenty of fun figuring out the journey ;)  

Here’s to a healthy, happy & connected future at Wolfhound Fitness!

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