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Nutrition for Life

A 12 week focus (25th September - 15th December)

If you find a form of exercise you actually enjoy doing, you are very fortunate.

Consistency is easier

Engagement is longer

Results are greater

But the training, the exercise, the movement – this is only one piece of the puzzle. We all know the saying that you “can’t out-train a poor diet” and how true it is.

If we are not focusing on our nutritional intake & daily habits - we cannot maximise our potential in the gym, in our performance or in our overall health/longevity.

Nutrition is the cornerstone of performance, health & well-being

Our nutritional habits and how we fuel our body and energy systems can have the greatest impact (both positively or negatively) on our progress in sport, training, health & longevity.

We know it’s hard – there so much conflicting information online, so many ‘influencers’ promoting the ‘must have’ supplements or products, people sharing success stories from every type of ‘diet’ – paleo, weight watchers, keto, plant-based etc.

How could we possibly know where to start??

This is why we created ‘Nutrition for Life’ – a 12-week programme which offers professional support & guidance as you dedicate the time, space & energy to uncovering the best approach to optimising your nutritional habits.

We explore the strategies and nutritional plans which will bring you closer to your goals, we learn the underpinning principles of balanced nutrition - debunking the myths,

Most importantly, we will help you to develop a strategy you can actually stick to – giving you the tools to optimise your nutritional intake forever more;

Nutrition for Life

Want to learn more about this programme simply email for more details

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