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Set your intentions

What does 'Monday' mean to you?

Do you immediately start humming "I don't like Mondays" - if yes, then "Tell Me Why?".... (sorry, not sorry)

How we spend our Monday, sets the tone for our week.

Are you just surviving the day or are you thriving?

Are you tired from a busy, perhaps very social weekend? Or are you rested and ready to seize the week - to make progress, to tick off the 'to-do list' and start the week with a bang!

We're only human, so chances are we ebb & flow between both - sometimes rested & ready for action, sometimes tired and in survival mode.

Now, I challenge you to visualise how your life would look if you were in the rested & ready mode on a Monday morning more often than not?

How would your health look?

How would your mood be?

How would your productivity improve?

How would you show up in the world?

Of course we would improve on almost every aspect of our lives, of course it would help us to achieve our goals, to feel empowered, to accomplish our daily tasks with ease.

Monday is here, a new week is here and you have decisions to make.

How is your week going to look?

Here's five 'non-negotiables' we believe everyone should include in their weekly intentions:

  1. Move daily - walk, run, cycle, kayak, lift weights, yoga - anything - just move! Your mind & body will thank you for it

  2. Drink water - ensure you are staying hydrated throughout the day - sipping on water & monitoring the colour of your urine are the best ways to ensure you are keeping on top of your hydration needs

  3. Reduce your screen time - so often 'I don't have time' is the number one reason people cite when struggling to get to the gym, to go for a walk, to prepare a balanced meal - well I challenge you to check your screen time usage and commit to reducing it by at least 1 hour p/day. Then take that hour you've reclaimed & dedicate it to something that positively impacts your health.

  4. Eat your breakfast - we're all guilty of hitting that snooze button & leaving ourselves with little to no time to start our day with a little calm, nourishment & positivity - if we aim to get up 20mins earlier - 20mins before your children get up - it is enough time to completely change the energy we start our day with - we can go from frantic to calm with this small, conscious change.

  5. Go to bed a little earlier - if we want to get up earlier, we'll increase our ability to sustain it, if we get to bed a little earlier. Become aware of how many hours sleep your body needs & what time you need to get up to allow for a calm start to the day? Then, work your way back and set your intentions. If I want to be up at 6.30am & I know my body needs 8 hours sleep - my aim is to be asleep by 10.30pm.

Simple, but not always easy.

It starts with self-awareness, followed by setting intentions and then finally & most critically - take action!

Have an amazing week,

Team Wolfhound

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