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Health & Performance Webinar - A Focus on Nutrition

Tomorrow we are hosting the second instalment in our Health & Performance webinar series - with a focus on nutrition!

Nutrition is a tough one - in many ways it's pretty simple - cals in vs cals out - yet in our experience, it can be very challenging make positive changes - but why?

We live in a world of convenience - instant gratification - indulgence - and perhaps a bit too much #treatyoself #yolo and whatever other catchy hashtags that ultimately alleviate us of responsibility in our immediate decision making.

So in many respects, when we are aiming to make positive changes to our nutritional habits - such as:

  • Increasing protein intake

  • staying hydrated

  • Including daily portions of fruit & veg

  • Tracking our calorie intake

Theoretically this is relatively straightforward and when implemented it is incredibly empowering and rewarding.

In practise it is hard to stay consistent long enough to solidify these habits & reap the rewards.


Yep, you guessed it - convenience - instant gratification - indulgence - #treatyoself & #yolo

You do only live once, you only have one body to live in - so why not use this thought process to instil healthier habits - to protect, nourish & fuel your body in the way it is designed to live - an active, strong, energised life.

We look forward to taking some time tomorrow to delve into this topic in greater detail;

  • To identify practical strategies that can support us

  • To identify triggers that can derail us

  • To dispel myths around dieting, performance nutrition & 'quick fixes'

  • To discuss the most important ingredient - personal responsibility - 'no one can do it for you'

Initially we closed off registration for this when we finished our first instalment on our series - but if you would like to get involved in tomorrow's call at 8pm - follow this link & register your details - we will send zoom access details ahead of tomorrow's call,


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