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Sports & Performance

Sport & performance has always been a huge passion of ours – with both myself & Joe dedicating much of our youth to training, classes, competitions & matches. Granted we had very different interests – for me, it was all about competing on the world stage in Irish Dancing – for Joe it was all about performance on the rugby pitch.

We both did relatively well in our chosen sports, but often reflect on how we ‘wish we knew then, what we know now’ and would have loved to have had more mentors available to guide and support us through the journey.

That’s why we take so much pride & enjoyment from working with athletes – providing the support, guidance & structures we would have loved to have had.

I believe the true power in athletic development lies in a willingness to care deeply about an individual or team – it’s about friendship, trust, conversation, knowing when someone is having an ‘off-day’ and asking about it.

Yes, structured programming, education & monitoring progress is very important – but if you can’t create an environment or strong relationship where the athlete wants to keep showing up – you’ll only bring them so far.

Reaching our potential & achieving ‘high levels of performance’ takes years not months – so if you are an athlete or part of team who wants to take your performance to the next level – one key piece of advice we can give is to find a positive & fun environment that guides you & pushes you to stretch your comfort zone regularly.

Find someone who cares.

Once you find them – commit fully – go ‘All In’

Last weekend we had a mammoth weekend of sport – every coach’s dream – to be supporting the athletes you coach day in, day out as they take centre stage to showcase their progress and capabilities.

We are firm believers in valuing & enjoying the process over solely focusing on results/outcomes BUT we are all human & there is nothing like a live competition to get the heart rate up & endorphins pumping.

We couldn’t have been prouder of the performances from our athletes who competed at the Midsummer Games & of the Westmeath Senior Football team who drew with Tyrone at the weekend.

Performances at this level don’t happen by accident – they happen with years of hard graft, commitment to the process – to the programme – to the nutritional requirements - to the lifestyle of a high performing athlete.

We are grateful to be a part of it and to focus on the daily process, while enjoying the big days out!

Tomorrow, we have our final instalment in our Health & Performance webinar series – a focus on performance. Bringing together the previous three talks on – training, nutrition & mindset – to discuss key standards required for ‘high performance’.

It’s important to remember that high performance isn’t solely dedicated to sports – we can be high performing individuals in every aspect of our lives – work, study, family, etc.

If you want to join us for this final instalment – simply follow the link below & register your details.

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