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"There are few investments that yield as valuable a return as investing in your physical health".

These past few weeks we’ve been very fortunate to be a part of a local business mentorship programme and one of the topics we discussed last week was understanding that when we run a business “there’s a cost of doing, and a cost of not doing”.

Of course, this was being discussed primarily in relation to business operations, projects etc. but it really made me stop and think about our attitude and approach to health and fitness.


The cost of doing – time, finances, effort, energy…. There is a substantial investment required.

The cost of not doing – there are many ‘costs’ of not investing in our physical health but they are harder to define – perhaps they can feel be a bit more ‘hypothetical’. This might explain why we can find it relatively easy to skip a workout, order a takeaway – the negative implications feel very ‘far away’ – and in many ways they are. Skipping one workout every now & again won’t have a negative effect on your fitness, enjoying a stone baked pizza & a few Vino Blanco’s won’t immediately lead to cardiovascular disease but over time, the interest compounds and the ‘cost of not doing’ absolutely sky rockets.  


There’s never a perfect time to start, never the ideal opportunity to make lifestyle changes but sometimes the arrival of a new week, month or season gives us a nudge to at least think about it. So perhaps, with the arrival of Summer you might take some time to reflect on your current habits and ask yourself;

“If I continue in my current lifestyle, if I continue to live the way I am right now, how will that impact my health in another 5 or 10 years?”

There is a cost of doing, but equally and perhaps more importantly, there is a cost of not doing.  

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