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We don't want to be the 1%

As many of you are aware, Joe is taking on ‘The Rising’ challenge from the 30th of June to the 6th of July alongside Bressie, Ray, Dav, Paul & Colin – where they will be aiming to kayak the length of the river Shannon (330km) over a 6 day period.

Joe is no stranger to taking on physical & mental challenges but it’s fair to say, this will be the biggest one to date.

There are so many uncontrollable factors which could make or break the challenge – high winds, choppy water, fatigue & unpredictable setbacks are expected but, in many ways, navigating unexpected obstacles & hurdles are some of the most valuable lessons we can take away from challenging times we face in life.

And that’s what this is all about.

All proceeds raised from ‘The Rising’ are going to support A Lust for Life School Programme – which aims to ‘build resilience, increase wellbeing & enhance the emotional literacy of 1st to 6th class school children’.

Our mental health service in Ireland is not currently fit for purpose – long waiting lists, scarcity of facilities, lack of historical investment has resulted in thousands of people missing out on early psychological intervention and support they need to navigate their mental health, particularly from a young age.

This is why A Lust for Life Schools Programme was set up;

Our children are taught algebra in school yet few will ever use algebra in their future lives. They are not consistently taught how to take care of or talk about their own minds, yet all will use their minds 24/7 and, at some point, feel anxious, overwhelmed or maybe find themselves in crisis”.

Creating professional & educational supports which can be delivered through our schools – free of charge – to help equip the children of Ireland with the awareness and understanding of their emotions, their mental health – while building resilience & mental fitness.

Building resilience & ‘doing hard things’ is something Joe is incredibly passionate about – it is something he embraces whole heartedly and seeks personal challenges on a daily basis – whether it’s running for an hour while only looking at the wall (yesterday’s antics), dipping in the lake in the middle of winter or programming some seemingly ridiculous workouts.

None of these actions are without purpose – they are building resilience, building tolerance, patience, and grit.

Imagine if we could learn & nurture these attributes from a young age – how much more confidently we could navigate the challenges life will inevitably throw our way.

In the lead up to this challenge – we had the pleasure of attending a gig hosted by Moncrieff – an up & coming Irish artist, who generously donated all proceeds from the shows to A Lust for Life, while launching his new song – ‘Young Men’.

This was a song he wrote about his friend who died by suicide a number of years ago – having masked his struggles with the typical destructive behaviour which is often considered ‘normal’ – boys will be boys - in Irish culture.

We were very grateful to have been there to experience such an emotional, intimate rendition of the song. This really made us stop & think about how we can all start focusing on being a part of the solution, instead of ignoring these huge cultural issues in our society.

A Lust for Life is a part of the solution – focusing on early intervention & education for children in this country.

The fitness industry can be a part of the solution – at Wolfhound Fitness we want to be a part of the solution.

Providing a positive outlet for people to turn to in times of struggle – breaking the cycle of binge drinking, drugs & anti-social behaviour as the ‘go-to’ or only solution.

Embrace a life centred around health, exercise, well-being & regularly ‘do hard things’- resilience has to be built.

It might not fix everything but it can certainly help.

The lads have set a very ambitious fundraising target of €100,000 and are well on their way to reaching it. If you can, we would be so appreciative of your support – all donations are greatly appreciated.

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