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Getting started at Wolfhound Fitness

All classes are professionally programmed, coached & delivered – with the aim of optimising your health, longevity & performance.

Whether you are an experienced athlete looking to bring your performance to new levels, or a novice stepping into a gym for the first time – Wolfhound Fitness can help.



No Sweat Intro

Book in for a 'No Sweat Intro' consultation with one of our coaches.


Here we will take some time to show you around the gym, meet the coaches, and discuss your goals, assess previous experience and help build a plan of action to get started with your training at Wolfhound Fitness that will best meet your needs. The "No Sweat Intro" can be scheduled at your convenience


One on One Sessions

New members are required to complete a minimum of 3 one on one training sessions with one of our coaches. Additional PT sessions may be recommended by your coach, depending on experience before joining into regular classes.


These sessions are at a reduced rate of €120 (€40 per session). It is recommended that these sessions are completed within 7-10 days of each other.


Join our classes

Once you and your coach are satisfied that you are ready to join into regular classes, we will set you up on our members booking app & suitable membership plan to get you started with our classes here at Wolfhound Fitness.

Being a member gives you access to our top of the line equipment, all our group classes, specialty programs, and open gym - 6 days a week.

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