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'When it comes to the fundamentals - there is no choice'

- Michael Johnson

Last night we had our second instalment from our 'Health & Performance' webinar series - a focus on nutrition.

We fit a lot of content into the hour-long talk:

Starting off by considering our core values & personal identity. We recognised that our physical health, our energy & vitality will greatly impact each & every one of our core values - family, career, sport, travel - no matter where our core values lie - our health is the greatest asset or liability to enjoying them fully.

So therefore, no matter what goals you have in life - dedicating time to exercise & balanced nutrition will be a key predictor in 1) your ability to achieve them & 2) your ability to enjoy them.

Using this mindset - we then took a stroll through some of the key principles around nutrition coaching, nutritional strategies that can support us in our performance goals and top tips to making consistent & long-term progress to good health, high energy & vitality.

The most important factor is, and will always be, consistency.

Next is energy balance - are we fuelling with the correct quantity of food.

Macronutrients are the next pieces of the puzzle - what types of food are we consuming.

Once we nail these three cornerstones - consistency, quantity & type - then we can start considering meal timing & supplementation - there are the final 'icing on the cake' - when all other areas are solidified - we can begin to consider the 'extra %' we can gain from timing & supplementation.

To finish, I took some time to reflect on a profound speech delivered by Olympian - Michael Johnson - at the Pendulum Summit, which took place in Dublin earlier this year.

Speaking about achieving his pretty ambitious goal of becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist (four times) - Michael Johnson struggled a lot during his college years - and in the USA, if you aren't competing at a high level in college sport - you may miss your chance to get scouted & placed on 'team USA'.

He was incredibly concerned about missing his opportunity - because he kept picking up injuries & niggles - despite have the best of everything available to him - coaches, programmes, facilities, funding, physiotherapists, medical teams & of course - talent.

As his frustrations mounted - one of his most trusted coaches (who ended up working with him for the entire duration of his career) told him to take some time for reflection & this time, instead of focusing on what's going wrong with what his is doing in his daily training - focus on what he's not doing.

The penny dropped - he wasn't giving the same effort & energy to his strength work as he was to his running - neglecting a fundamental component to athletic performance

He wasn't giving as much effort to his stretching & mobility - neglecting a fundamental component to injury prevention & recovery

He wasn't giving enough effort to his nutritional intake - neglecting a fundamental component to athletic performance, injury prevention & recovery

"When it comes to the fundamentals - there is no choice - it takes what it takes"

It can be hard to equate our personal goals to that of one of the most successful Olympic sprinters of all time - but sometimes these super 'successful' people are super successful because they figured a thing or two out along the way to greatness!

I think Michael Johnson figured something profound out - at a very important time in his career. If we are truly committed to achieving our goals - no matter how big or how small we might consider them - when it comes to the fundamentals - the basics - there is no choice - it takes what it takes.

Click on this link to hear Michael speaking about this topic on the Pendulum Summit in Dublin:

Happy Thursday everyone,


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